PLEBE was Born in Prague where he lives and works, if not invited for a special project elsewhere.

mosaic_rio de janeiro_mural babilonia_3

He is so busy that he never had enough time to write few sentences about him. From samples of his art it is more than obvious that Plebe is a multitalented artist. He develops graphics,grafitti and custom typefaces.

Sample of his recent art:



Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide1 Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide2 Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide5



Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide3 Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide4

3_Custom Typefaces


Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide6  Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide8 


Plebe_rio de janeiroSlide7


Artes no Mural Babilônia criadas com participação do Plebe:

Big Blue Mosaic

Concrete bench with mosaic finishes