X-Dog was Born in Prague where he lives and works, if not invited for a special project elsewhere.

Ondrej Vyhnanek

XDOG formed his relationship to public spaces through graffiti. Currently he is devoted to ceramics, large-format paintings, mosaics and concrete objects and statues.

His work reflects a mixture of critical sarcasm, sense of humor and painting, which has its roots in naive art, cartoons or animated movies.

Sample of his recent art:

XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroIMG_0548 XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroIMG_1457

XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroIMG_1475    XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroIMG_1740    XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroIMG

XDOG_Mosaic_Rio de JaneiroWP_006317


Artes no Mural Babilônia criadas com participação do X-Dog:

Big Blue Mosaic

Concrete bench with mosaic finishes

Mosaic Improvement of Light recycla Post

Plastic Medals